arigetas weblog visitor statistic after 48 hours

I made this weblog (blog) on 28th July 2015 and install WP Statistic ver 9.4.1 plugin. After 48 hours, I am surprised that most of my blog visitor based on GeoIP database is from United States of America (52%). Visitor from Indonesia (22.7%), Thailand (16.3%), France (2%), China (2 %), and each 1 % from Singapore, Russia, Japan, United Kingdom and unidentified.

I am happy and (definitely) curious, because I only do blog-walking to several Indonesian blog and 3-4 times post my blog link to my Facebook account. I only made 5 post using “bahasa Indonesia” instead of English. So, I assume that many visitors from USA find my blog because of my tag on every posts. I study in Prince of Songkla University (PSU) in Thailand, so almost every post I use tag “PSU”. After I googling, in USA there is Penn State University and the abbreviation is also PSU. Hmm, interesting!

Okay, after knowing about that, I decide to regularly post in my blog using English so i also can share with international visitor. Please keep in mind if I still learn how to speak and write English in a proper grammar.

So, if you have any suggestion, please write in comments form
Thank you 🙂


Mahasiswa master di Prince of Songkla University, Thailand. Seorang suami dan ayah dari seorang anak pintar, lucu dan usil.


  1. Wow… consistently blogging in English? It is one of the thing I really need to do more. 😀
    It is fascinating reading the keywords source, right?

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