How Indonesia Trademark Delivers Benefits to Business Owners

Indonesia Trademark and the benefit for Business Owners

Indonesia trademark is the first and foremost thing that all business owners should
pay attention seriously. Trademark is the implementation of business ideas so that owners can
manage their products and logo patents. The importance of registering patents is a great
necessity because they don’t want to have their logo patents used by irresponsible competitors.

Besides, a logo of a product or service is legal when its owner registers its patent. Patents are
considered very important to protect owners’ original ideas. Patents are exclusive rights that are
granted to their owners because of their inventions. It is the condition that has the right to grant
this patent.

Trademark is an exclusive ownership. it means that everything related to a logo with the
registered trademark is already safe to use by its owner. Others should grant permission to the
owner when they want to use it. Or else, they are subject to copyright violation. Yet, owners of
the trademark will get benefits from this action.

Benefits of Having Indonesia Trademark

When logos are patented, they are free from plagiarism. Owners can rest assured that they are
using their logos at any time for the long term. They can sue imitators by taking legal action.
They have the right to sue anyone who markets or distributes their patented logos.

Another significant benefit is that owners can avoid fraud or counterfeiting their patented logos.
Those logos can maintain their authenticity, thanks to the legalized trademarks. Owners of
patented logos gain better recognition from consumers who put their trust in the products or

In terms of business, having patented logos can ensure trust from other business owners to
collaborate. Any business with a trademark has its prestige so that other business owners don’t
hesitate to have a business partnership.

Simple Registration with Plentiful Benefits

The registration process is simple though it takes some time to wait for the legalized trademark.
The first thing to do is to register a company logo and product patent to the Ministry of Law and
Human Rights Office (Kemenkumham) in the city where business owners reside.
Kemenkumham doesn’t only handle trademark patents and rights, but also legalizes copyrights.

Then, applicants should know details about the overall requirements, based on the region’s
policy. Mostly, requirements apply to every Indonesian citizen. However, applicants will get a
form of application that they have to fill out with the right format in Bahasa before submitting it
to Direktorat Jenderal Kekayaan Intelektual (DJKI).

The application submission requires documents like citizen ID, a copy of the deed of
establishment, a copy of joint ownership regulations, just in case the application is on behalf of a
legal entity, or a statement that a product or a logo belongs to the applicant. Prior to submission,
it is important to make sure that the form is filled out correctly.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of registering a trademark varies. Registering online costs lower than registering at the
Kemenkumham office Indonesia trademark registration cost for small business owners or
UMKM is even very low so new business owners can start their businesses without any doubt.
So, there is no need to hesitate in registering products and logos to gain total benefits in business.

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