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Yes. It is not surprise at all, if we hear that word and our brain will directly relate it with (so many kind of) Video. How about YouTube-er(s)? For myself, YouTubers is a person (or group) who upload videos on YouTube. Another terms about it? You can read it in here.

In 4-5 November 2015, Prince of Songkla University (PSU) Hat Yai by PSUIC held a workshop themed “2015 Digital Marketing – How to Succeed on YouTube Channel” by 2 famous YouTubers from Spain: Dalas Review and Miare’s Project. Both of them can make a living (very decent of living) through monetizing YouTube videos.

Anyway, this blog post will not describe about “how to make money from YouTube”.. you can google it and will meet the best method that suit you… hahahaha. So, what will i describe?

I will describe about the workshop itself from my own experience. The workshop is opened by PSUIC management and continued with introduction from Dalas and Miare. Here are the description of both of them based on PSUIC Facebook page:

Dalas is a Spanish YouTuber that focusing on reviews about education topic that affected to society. He also makes inspirational videos to help people who are in need of help due to depression. He is also a writer which makes his video scripts. He has made short movies, animations, comedy sketches and so on. His second channel is focused on game reviews. He doesn’t only makes gameplays but also offers interesting information and reviews of games he plays. His audience are mostly teenagers and he has more than 800,000 subscribers and 114,576,758 views all around the world.

For Miare, her channel is focusing on topics that affected to society in a negative way and influences her viewers to become better people. She makes us think and analyze our lives and the world itself. She is only young but she has strong and mature ideas that wants to show to her audience and give an inspirational example to follow.

From my point of view, Dalas seems to be more dominant than Miare on explaining, since he is Miare’s teacher on YouTube digital marketing. At first, only a few participants who dare to ask.  but after 15 minutes, the audience response is good, they asking many things from a simple one like “what kind of video we must upload?” until the complex one like “what should we do to avoid copyright infringement?”.

First day of workshop is like a background and theory about YouTubers. How to create Gmail account, upload videos and how to monetize it. End of the first day, Dalas ask us (participant) to discuss 1 idea on making 1 video that should be uploaded in YouTube on the next day. After uploaded, Dalas will make a review on our videos and how to improve it.

First thing that cross in my mind, I want to make an interview video about halal foodstall in PSU Hat Yai, but I am sure that idea is too common. Suddenly, I think it is better if I make an interview video about simple tips and tricks for newbie YouTubers from Dalas and Miare. Okay.. but i do not have any decent video recorder while my cellphone almost run out of memory. Finally i decide to use my 8 years old pocket digital camera, even though I never use it to take a video so far (only for photos and it’s produce a good ones). Okay.. here is my first monetized video

So how do you think? ahahaha.. so absurd and (maybe) failed. Actualy Dalas and Miare explain about 4 tips, but my camera cannot record it. At first, i feel so shamed and do not know what should I do with my video. Finally I find the best tips on recording (important) videos. What is that? Please watch my above video completely and you’ll find the answer.

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