Don’t Let Your Blog Post Draft Stay as Draft


7 Nov 2015, 8:15 AM
One of my weakness is delaying to finish something that I actually already did, just to make it looks better (nearly perfect, if possible). That is also happened when I write my blog post. Sometimes I already write it 75% done, but i think I should do more research and read another article to make my writing more valuable, so i just save it as a draft. Somehow, because my study (thesis) activities, I must get my other assignment to be done and I put my blog post draft more than a week. When I remembered that I have my draft, I want to continue to write it…. but suddenly i felt like: “Oh my… i think my blog post draft is not relevant for today’s (the issue already expired, not interesting anymore).

7 Nov 2015, 8:28 AM
For the example, several weeks ago, there are smog (smoky fog) issue from Indonesia. When i try to write in perfectly (based on my ability), the smog issue already disappeared. Maybe also caused by my procrastination. hahahaha. Anyway, if I still write it, it is already outdated and i feel not good to post some outdated issue on my blog. So that is why, now I try to make a blog post that must be done in a few minutes or less than in an hour (maximum).

7 Nov 2015, 8:35 AM
My point on this post is: If you have an idea for your blog post.. write it immediately and make sure you have it done before the spirit on yourself disappear. I prove it on this blog post, I need only 20 minutes to make this post done and I feel satisfied.

So.. Happy Blogging ..

ps: this method worked on me, but maybe another person should have their own methods.

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