My Girlfriend is a Gumiho vs Let’s Fight Ghost – Part 1

gumiho vs fight ghost

Ooh.. Ari.. so you are a KDrama lover? Since you watch My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and Let’s Fight Ghost? Nope.

I prefer not to assign that designation to myself.  Even the latest big hits of KDrama titled: Descendants of the Sun (DOTS) which gain the rating by 9.8/10 (VIKI), 92% (AsianWiki) and 4.7/5 (DramaFever).. can not force me to watch it. wait..wait.. You didn’t know about DOTS?  Aah,, If you are a Romantic Movie lover (but not a Korean movie), i am quite sure that you know about an American-British romantic movie titled “Me Before You”.. Yep.. IMHO, DOTS have the rating as  high as “Me Before You”… so now you understand how good was DOTS? 🙂

Hmm.. and the other Korean romance drama like “W”, which profiling the cute young doctor Oh Yeon-Joo who stuck into another world in webtoon, to find and protect the charming Kang Chul (who will be murdered by Yeon-Joo’s father as the real comic creator).. furthermore, Yeon-Joo can write the online auto-uploading comic based on her true experience in that “another world” –> also can not makes me to watch it…

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and Let’s Fight Ghost

But somehow, whenever i did checking the pilot series of “Let’s Fight Ghost” (LFG) several weeks a go, i am so into the plot. Whenever the solitary handsome college student named Park Bong-Pal meet Kim Hyun-Ji, a high school student ghost whose died (maybe ~it is not confirmed yet) caused by some traffic accident in front of her language course building. At first, they meet each other when Hyun-Ji send message to Bong-Pal to get rid of another scary ghost at some school. anyway, before they are helping each other, they had some fight. But somehow they can managed to working together, especially after they noticed that Hyun Ji is able to spot other ghosts weakness point.

Their action and story plot actually just remind me with my most favorable KDrama titled “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho” (MGIAG). 6 years a go, late of 2010, i notice MGIAG from the internet and also stuck into their plot which is so simple. The cute gumiho, Mi-ho, is a nine tailed fox who is finally involved into a normal human boy life named Cha Tae-Woong (Dae Woong).

Both of MGIAG and LFG have two things in common:

  1. Mi-Ho and Hyun-Ji is not a human but finally falling in love with an ordinary human.
  2. Mi-Ho and Hyun-Ji really-really love to eat beef meat… a lot! hahahaha.

How about the ending of their story?

Mi-Ho is willing to transform into a normal human being (by some magical story), also losing her nine-tailed tail and the power within. How about Hyun-Ji? This Korean Romantic Drama LFG still on going, so i do not know the ending yet. Just tune in on TVN every Monday and Tuesday night to find out. hahahaha..

ps: I do not know why i am writing this post.. just to express my instant thought, before vaporized… anyway, there will be the part two of this post.. i will update it as soon as i have my spare time. 🙂

Anyhow, if you wanna read about the kids cartoon or anime that I loved to watch, kindly click at this link.

Ah yes, all images i paste in this post i found it on google.

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